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April 2-6, 2018

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from Bret-

Here are lunch directions concerning the Cardinals field trips from Nutrition Services:

· Nutrition Services pays the full bill but students are charged for the meal. Reduced students will still be charged $.40 and paid students will be charged $2.55, students will need to bring in money prior to the event in order to eat at the ballpark. The money should be collected by the teacher and noted on the roster that the student paid. The money should be then given to the cafeteria and we will apply it to the students account. If students have money on their account we can utilize those funds for the ball park meal so parents don’t need to send in money. The teacher can check with the cafeteria to see if a student has money available.

Please continue to check the Cardinals field trip spreadsheet found here and send pertinent information to me.

At the last Delta team, leaders suggested the Tower Feedback session at the April Elementary Learning should be targeted around Teacher Standards. As a result, please sign up for the Standard you are interested in discussing with colleagues here. Similar to last time, be ready to share a “praise point” or OFI you shared with a teacher regarding your selected standard. If you have questions about this activity, call me.

4 Habits of Ultra-Likable Leaders That Are Hard to Find

The truth about leadership is coming to terms with never arriving at an absolute truth about how to lead yourself & others. It's an ever evolving process of learning & growing. The best of leaders never stop evolving; their journey never ends.

Tip of the Week:

SPLS must be driven by data & cycles of improvement. Encourage collaborative teams to establish an ongoing cycle that keeps them focused on the impact their actions have on student learning. The cycle outlined here may serve as a template to keep teams moving forward with purpose.

Blended Learning Update

2018-2019 Blended Learning Specialist Schedule

As we prepare IGNiTE support for the 2018-2019 school year, we have the opportunity to provide Specialist support based on FTE instead of solely cohorts as we have previously. This will allow a more balanced approach to support across the system. We are excited about the opportunity to continue to focus on job embedded professional learning at all site to all teachers. Here is the proposed schedule for specialist support next year. We wanted to provide this information to you prior to SPLS planning. If you see your site on a day with another site, this means you will see a specialist every-other-week or split days, depending on what you work out with your Specialist. Please contact Nichole Lemmon if you have any questions.

When You're a Leader, Everything You Do Has an Impact

Your team members take cues from what you say and do -- but also subtle signals...

from J-

If you are like me during the 4th quarter, it may be easy to slip into the mindset that routines have been established and are on auto-pilot. While I would like to hope this is true, I"m regularly reminded by the actions of both students and adults that expectations need to be revisited and articulated regularly. It is where the expectations come from that is critical. Are they being revisited because of "it's the end of the year, they should know better" mindset? Or is it out of genuine care and a desire for others to continue to grow? Are we continuing to develop and harness the power of relationships.

I read a great blog post, We must Maslow before we Bloom ,that reminded me of the importance of relationships. "Sometimes at this time in the school year, we can take for granted our relationships and each other. We get focused on content and curriculum, but we must remember that positive relationships always come first." I would invite you to read, reflect, and share the article with your staff, and challenge you to harness relationships to drive all you do, every day.

Let's make it an amazing April together!