5* Things Faculty May Not Know

About the Library

1. We have new tech stuff.

You should check out our LibGuides and WorldCat!
And check out our blog!

2. You (and your students) can access all our electronic resources on or off campus. Anytime.

Get off-campus help here or contact a Librarian.

3. We subscribe to much more online than you might think.

For instance. And this too.

4. We really want to hear your suggestions or requests!

Contact us via LibGuides, blog, or email. Or stop by!

5. Can you answer "yes" to any of the following questions?

Do you:
  • Give assignments that use library resources?
  • Have students who do not know where the library is (physically or online) or what it has to offer?
  • Have juniors or seniors who know very little about doing research?
  • Have students telling you that they cannot find any information on their topic?

...Then you might want to consider incorporating a Library Instruction session for your classes.


Librarians. Making your library work like you.

Media overload image from Evolve Nashville blog; Library databases image from unknown; Books image from secretlaboratory.org