Newsletter Week 9 Term 3

Sawyers Bay School 22nd September 2022

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou,

Currently Tāne Mahuta and I are at Camp Columba, near Gore, for our annual Year 6 camp. We have been very lucky with weather so far and the kids are doing a marvellous job. So far our adventure activities have included rock-climbing, kayaking, abseiling, air rifles, zip lining, flying kiwi, bush craft, orienteering, water sliding and many more to come. Camp is also all about learning to live in a community, take increasing personal responsibility, set goals and enjoy success, all of which have been well achieved by our Year 6 tamariki.

Thank you to all of the families who have returned the PTA raffle cards this week. This fundraiser has been amazing and we look forward to drawing some lucky winners next week.

I understand that school photo orders will also be going out this week, alongside our calendar art orders. Apologies that these are both close together but early orders are essential to get calendars and photos processed well in time for Christmas and gift giving opportunities.

Mā te wā,

Gareth Swete

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday 20th - Friday 23rd September - Year Six School Camp
  • Monday 26th September - Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day
  • Friday 30th September - Last day of Term 3

  • Monday 17th October - First day of Term 4

School Photos are ready for viewing!

Kia ora Sawyers Bay School families

It was so much fun photographing your children! They were all fabulous to work with and I hope you LOVE your school portraits.

Please click here to go to the online gallery link. The password for the gallery is aroha.

All orders are done online, and payment can be made via credit card or bank transfer. You can view the 2022 Price List here.


That gives you one week to choose your favourites (but we're pretty sure you'll love them all 😍 )

If you have any questions or need help with ordering please get in touch with me via email or phone - my contact details are in the gallery.

Enjoy your school portraits!

Warmly, Edith and Jannah

Edith Leigh Photography

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Certificates Week 8 Term 3

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Te Akonga o te Wiki

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Congratulations to Madeline, Lucca, Olivia M, Herepo, Kenzie and Jorjah who were their Person of the Week for their classes, Term 3 Week 8. This week the trophy went home with Madeline.


Over the last week in Papatūānuku we have been continuing our work on capacity and volume by learning to use language like “full” “half full” “empty” “nearly empty”. We used this language to put different amounts of rice in cups and ordering them. We have now started learning about weight using balance scales. We came to school on Wednesday to find our class soft toys had weighed themselves but got all their name tags mixed up! We had to use our scales to weigh them and match them with their name tags. We have continued to learn about electricity which has been exciting. We learnt that electricity comes naturally from lighting and then we made our own lightning artwork. We have also been working hard on creating our own board games, which we have based around electricity. We can't wait to share them with you and to teach you all the parts you need for an electric circuit!

Report by Miss Richardson


Mālō e lelei, kia ora, talofa, hello

This week in Hine-Rau-Wharangi we have been learning about homophones in our reading. These are words that say the same thing but are spelt differently and have a different meaning for example hair and hare. We are also reading a wonderful Dinosaur chapter book at the moment and are learning lots of different words and finding out the meaning of these while reading. In Math the students have been using the meter rulers to measure and make fins for their Rocket ship. They had to make sure that each group's measurements were the same, otherwise the rocket ship wouldn't balance and might topple over. They had to collaboratively discuss and measure their cardboard so they met the criteria . After measuring these they had to paint them. Keep an eye out for our finished Rocket. In writing this week we read the story of Dirty Bertie,we rewrote the story putting some of our own ideas and thoughts into it, so as to make the story interesting for our readers.

Report by Mrs Brewer

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In Math we have begun learning about arrays by making rows with ourselves. Firstly we made a row of 3 children, then another row of 3 children and we continued this until we had 5 rows of children with 3 in each. We could then clearly see our rows and columns and use these to either skip count in 3s or 5s. We then created an equation together that showed 5x3 or 3x5=15. We made several different arrays with our class mates before beginning to work through a series of problems, involving orchards, to work out how many trees are in an orchard. We are doing this by drawing an array of the rows and columns of trees. This is helping us to build a better understanding of multiplication and division problems. We have all completed our questions, answers and titles for our electronic quiz boards and are now putting the final touches on our circuits. Most wires, bulbs and resistors are in place ready for our batteries to be attached and our connecting loops. We hope to share these with other classes in the school by the end of this week!! We have almost reached the end of our shared book “Matilda” this term. We have been busy writing as many descriptive words as possible about Ms Trunchbull, Matilda and Miss Honey and have noticed how very different all 3 of these characters are! We will then go on to use these words to write a detailed character description of each character.

Report by Mrs Swete

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Kia Ora

We are still super proud of our whole school's performance at the Polyfest. It was the best and personally I wanted to yell ENCORE!!!! Congratulations to everyone for giving their best. It is a great opportunity to bring us all together as one.

The children are finalising and publishing their golden compass writing they have been busy working on over the past week. Some of the adventures they have used are; jungle temples, lost at sea, in the woods and in the desert. We are all looking forward to presenting the published copies very soon.

In Maths the children have eagerly participated in math rotations using the newly introduced number knowledge (recallNreason, and discuss and defend) activities.

We have loved having Miss Grellet-Hale teaching in Ranginui and wish her all the best for her teaching career. Morgan will continue to be part of Ranginui next week and finish lessons that have been started.

Report by Miss Ruzsa


On Monday we explored more learning about reflection. We looked at different shapes along a mirror line and drew what their reflection would look like. We had to think carefully about the size of the shape and its distance from the mirror line to make sure we flipped it correctly. We also learnt about an impressionist artist called Claude Monet and used his work as inspiration for our own reflection artwork. We use sponges and paint to create the impression of trees reflecting along water. Our art was full of colour, gesture and texture just like Monet’s. You can see examples of our work from Bella, Maddie and Eligh’s in our newsletter.

With Miss Mackay we are beginning to learn all about persuasive writing. We started our learning by ‘making a stand’ on certain topics and deciding if we agreed, strongly agreed, disagreed or strongly disagreed. Everyone in Hinemoana is doing a great job using persuasive language to try and convince others to agree with them!

We are beginning the creating phase of our STEAM projects which are all about making a musical instrument based on the sounds we can hear in our environment at SBS. We are working well in groups, collaborating and communicating with others. We are looking forward to seeing our instruments come to life and testing if they make the sound we want.

Lastly, a big thank you to our families for supporting us in our Polyfest performance last week. All of the tamariki shined and did an amazing job representing our school. I am very, very proud of every single one of them and their hard mahi learning the songs, actions and haka and being bold to get out on that stage and perform for everyone. Mahi whakamiharo!

Report by Miss Laing

Tāne Mahuta

Wow! We have had a whirlwind of a beginning to camp with lots of fun and different activities for the Tane Mahuta kids to try out. It has been great to see children from Tane Mahuta challenging themselves and taking on lots of new activities with enthusiasm. We have been working together, encouraging each other and using teamwork skills in a range of ways. So far we have taken on activities like orienteering, abseiling, kayaking, campfire cooking and the Flying Kiwi. Please take a look at some of our photos to see some of the great things we’ve been doing. We are excited to share more of our experiences and stories with you all when we get back! Hope you’re having a great week at home and at school and we’ll see you all on Friday.

Report by Miss Tenci

Community Notices

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