News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of March 18th-22nd

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone has big plans for Spring Break. My big plans include doing fun things with my children and cleaning out my garage. Who knows, I might find hidden treasures in the next week!

We are starting our final nine weeks of school together. The Sommer staff has been meeting and creating rubrics for reading and writing to help guide student learning. Be on the lookout for these rubrics to pop up on work.

We have a jam-packed final nine weeks together. It's hard to believe it's almost time to pull out the shorts and sleeveless tops again.

We got to watch a BMX bike show the last day of school before the spring vacation. It was pretty astounding. I'll add more pictures at the bottom of our newsletter.

Things to Return/Remember:

-Come to school on March 18th!!

-If you didn't turn in spring pictures, notes will be coming after spring break from Lifetouch.

Dates to Remember

Mar. 11-15th: Spring Break!!!

Mar. 18th: Marathon Kids picture for yearbook

Mar. 20th: Mrs. C has an afternoon sub

Mar. 22nd: Cook out during our lunch time

Mar. 28th: Field Trip & Report Cards

Mar. 29th: Spring Holiday

Apr. 10th: Heroes Ride motorcycle group ride by school in show of support for veterans

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- We will begin a two week unit on geometry. Students will be working on learning or reviewing vocabulary (polygons, 2D, 3D, 1D, points, edges, faces, vertex, vertices), cutting a figure to make new figures (tangram work), and describing/comparing attributes of two 2D or two 3D figures.

**What you can do at home: Play with online tangrams, cut out a simple polygon and challenge your child to cut straight lines to make new and different polygons, or practicing finding examples and naming a variety of 2D (trapezoid, pentagon, square) or 3D shapes (cube, cylinder, sphere...). Tangram and Math Dictionary sites can be found on my website.

Science- We will review then take a 'Celebration of Knowledge' to check understandings about the water cycle. After that we will move into our study of plants and animals. We'll start with a review of basic needs for each group.

**What you can do at home: Review what evaporation (wet desk experiment), condensation (cup in the baggie experiment) and precipitation (lake in the bag experiment) mean.

Writing- We work on peer conference expectations and finish any small moment stories for a publishing party on Friday.

What you can do at home: Ask your child if he/she revised anything that day. Adding even one word or taking out a word can make a story so much stronger!

Reading- We are a smidge behind so we'll finish up the tall tales unit then move into fables upon our return from spring break. The class LOVES the folk talk unit even more than I expected and enjoy listening to this traditional literature genre.

What you can do at home: Ask your child to retell you the folktale heard that day at school. Ask what made the tale a tall tale or fable.

Spelling/Handwriting- We created an anchor chart of reasons why good handwriting is important to use all of the time. Students said it helped to make their thoughts understandable, made them feel good, and kept teachers from being worried. Ha Ha!

What you can do at home: If you notice your sweetie not gripping a writing tool correctly, gently tell them to "check your grip." I have other tricks if you need help with this. Just email me and let me know!

Spelling is also coming along. Students should really know what vowels and consonants are. They should be able to point out patterns studied in words read during reading times.

What you can do at home: Ask your child what spelling rules he/she is studying. Can he/she talk to you about the words being sorted?

Class Wish List

The class has requested:

-smelly stickers (Mardel and Lakeshore carry these.)

-We'll take gift cards in small amounts too! Those add up and can buy lots of things for us.

BMX Show in the Cafeteria!!

Electronics & Board Games day was a hit! We love earning class stars!!!

Let's Wear Our Class Shirts Every Friday!!