What's Kickin' in Kindergarten

September 14-17

Progress Reports

Hello Kindergarten Parents!!! We are already at the midpoint of our 1st Quarter in Kindergarten! Progress Reports were sent home with your child on Friday. These give a little picture of how your child is performing academically and socially at school. Please go over it with your child. Review the behavior expectations and how important these are for learning at school. Please sign and return the progress report to your child's teacher, and if you have any questions at any time, please contact your child's teacher. Thank you!

Reading a Sight Word Book

Please watch this video about how to read a sight word book with your child. The kiddos read these at school and then bring them home for more practice at home. This is a great way to use the sight words and our reading strategies!
Quarter 1 Week 4

Unit 2, "A Colorful Time with Rhythm and Rhyme"

We are starting our 2nd Unit of Study this week! In this fun unit we focus on these questions:

  • Which sound should I make when I see (a) letter(s)?
  • What skills should I be using to help me understand the text?

The students will be learning to listen for rhythm and rhyming words within stories. We will read poems using wall charts, modeled writing, and in informational books. Each class will also be looking at colors, learning to spell the color words, and using these words in their writing to describe objects. In this early stage of writing, students use a combination of drawing, dictation, and writing to retell poems and stories.

Students will be able to independently use their learning to…

  • Make letter sounds.
  • Show the way a book should be read (top to bottom, left to right).
  • Listen and take turns.
  • Recognize letters in the alphabet.
  • Sketch and dictate to tell a story.
  • Explain and narrate a familiar event.

Students will understand that…

  1. Print tells a story.
  2. All letters have a name and at least one sound.
  3. The order of letters in words creates specific sounds.
  4. Words are read left to right, top to bottom.
  5. Punctuation has meaning.
  6. We use certain rules when we communicate with others

Letters, Sight Words,Vocabulary, and Reading Strategies

Letters to read and write this week:

Review all the letters of the alphabet. Please keep practicing the Fluency Folder every night with your child. This practice makes a huge difference in their learning!

We will be introducing the short vowel sounds this week in our Phonics Lessons:

· /ᾰ/, /ῐ/, /ǒ/, /ῠ/, /ḝ/

Sight words for this unit are:

Week 1: and, you

Week 2: in, my

Week 3: it, go

Week 4: big, is, me

Our new vocabulary words are:

author-a person who writes a story

illustrator-a person who makes pictures for a story

Our new Reading Strategy is "Lips the Fish". We will practice getting our mouths ready to say the first sound in a word to help us learn the word. We will continue using our "Eagle Eyes" strategy where we look at the picture to learn words.

Math Unit 2

We will be continuing our lessons on the numbers 0-5 this week. The students will compare and order numbers, continue number writing practice, and do activities to understand the number 0. During out lessons and centers we will also be preparing for a district assessment and the Unit 2 test next week. Please continue counting songs and games at home too!
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Monday-B Day

Tuesday-C Day

Wednesday-A Day

Thursday-B Day


Important Dates

September 16, Papa John's Fundraiser night (flyer sent home)

September 18- NO SCHOOL- Teacher Professional Development

September 23, Freddy's Night

October 2, Early Dismissal at 12:20