Dancing Trends

Can You Guess the Top Songs??

Favorite Songs of 2014 (so far)

Since January, our video crews have shot thousands of dance routines from contest season to spring shows & recitals. So to honor the start of the new 2014-15 dance year, let's take a look back at which songs dancers were really diggin' last season!

Here are some hints, then scroll down & watch the video from some of our shows to see if you're right (& you may see some dancers you know!):

  1. This electronic hip hop song w/ double-negatives in its title was a positively huge hit
  2. This upbeat ditty set records by ranking #1 for 10 straight weeks from March-May
  3. This power ballad won the Academy Award for Best Original Song this past spring
  4. Misheard lyrics from this pop song: "I'm eating applesauce, the sauce, the sauce..."
Top 4 Songs from 2014 Recitals!

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