Sycamore Leaf

May 2, 2020

Sixth Graders Celebrated

This week, our Governance Council and staff set out to recognize each of our sixth graders and help the community do the same. Each sixth grader received a special yard sign this week to honor them as a part of Sycamore’s sixth grade class. These pictures highlight just a few of those proud moments.

May is Mental Health Matters Month

There could not be a better time to focus on mental health and the tools and routines that support mental health and resiliency. Even while practicing physical distancing, there are many things we can do to care for ourselves and stay connected with others. Our District's Mental Health Team, school psychologists and behavior analyst have created a webpage, "Wellness Resources," to support the health and wellness of students, families and staff. It includes easily accessible resources for parents and guardians at home during school closure, sections for elementary students and secondary students, self-care for parents and guardians and family resources. Set aside a few minutes this week to take a look. You will be very glad you did!

Prinicipal's Message

This week our staff received a staff appreciation video for Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. We were so touched by the words of our students and encouraged by the ways families creatively came together to the express their thanks. This has proven a challenging time for staff and all of us. Thank you for reaching out to support our staff. The private link allows you to see this video. I'm sure it will inspire you to stay Sycamore Strong, as well!

Thank you to Ad Santell for creating the video and all who directly contributed to this special gift.

We've got SCRIP, and you can too!

These days, it's especially nice to share as you shop. Using SCRIP, you can make a habit of it! Simply order SCRIP using this form and we'll get it to you. Each time you buy, a percentage of each purchase raises funds for our school. Thank you in advance.

Here's the link to the form:

Parent Input Letters

It’s hard to believe we’re now in the month of May! It’s clear our year is coming to an end, and we’ll be planning for next year very soon. One thing we’ll be planning for is classroom assignments. As a staff, this is no small undertaking. Though we know quite a bit about our students, we are eager to have the input of families as we make decisions about classroom placement. Families are encouraged to complete a Parent Input Letter, a written statement about their child as a learner, with their observations about their child’s response to various learning environments and insights into their school-based relationships.

Classroom placement decisions are based upon countless and often confidential student variables, so requests for specific teachers cannot be granted. Furthermore, I ask that you refrain from speaking to your child’s teacher about specific classroom requests. Be assured they want the best for your child and all teachers contribute in the process of making supportive placements. Letters must be received by June 12 to ensure your comments are available for consideration.

The form is available using this link.

Please complete it and email it to me at

Art and Music

Mary's art lesson for the week: Pop Art and Collage. You may even notice a tiny "I spy" math lesson in the art she made as a model!

Here is the link to the lesson:

Mr. Hensley has also prepared this week's music lessons. He will introduce you to a new guitar and the bass clef. Here is the link to our lessons for week 5.

Governance Council This Wednesday

We will be holding our Governance Council meeting this Wednesday, May 13 at 6:00 PM via zoom. If you would like to attend, please email Thank you.