Ms. Hoffmann's Class

Week of September 16th

Highlights from our Classroom!

Our class family tree is complete. The students made leaves with all of their favorite things. It looks awesome! The students and I will be growing our tree with fruits that we will write compliments on to one another. (I meant to post this earlier!)

We have started Social Studies. This week we are creating and using maps, so if you need to go anywhere new ask your student to help read the map ;)

In math we are still working on place value, number lines, and rounding. We will have an assessment this Friday. We have been reviewing in class and the homework is practice! Their first assessment went home on Monday and they were Awesome!! Go ahead and put their test on the fridge :)


Yesterday and today our students shared some of their homework creations. The games and songs were very creative. Assessments that were created were well thought out. Please give me your feedback on the homework. This week there are different activities.


  • I will be absent again on Thursday for training :(
  • Homework is due on Friday!
  • Be looking for a letter about Science Fair from your students!