Child Obesity

Get healthy

It says:

“Committee MPs said they were "shocked" to learn about the increase in overweight children, from 12 per cent to 18 per cent”

I say:

That Children should get attention from their parents about what they are eating. The increase shouldn’t be this fast or it shouldn’t be increasing at all.It is because that since parents are in denial kids don’t get the nutritional attention. Some families have lower income so they can’t afford nutritious food so they buy what is cheap and I think most of you have realized that food with nutritional value is a bit more expensive than others
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And So:

We can educate parents and children about what they are doing. What do you want to be overweight with a shorter life or to be active with a healthy life . If we could lower the price of nutritional food for lower income families that makes it so much better. We should show children how fun and exciting exercise can be, instead of screens they could socialize and play with friends. If they don’t like exercise they just walk which is actually is very healthy. We have come a long way in the world and we are not going ruin that because of problems that we can logically solve. Our technology has improved in the last 40 years that is proof that can stop child obesity if we act fast.