9/11 Attacks

Hanna Smith


September 11, 2001, people from Islam hijacked four planes that were flying above the U.S. One plane was crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Two other planes were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. 9/11 killed about 3,000 citizens and about 6,000 were also wounded. It is said to believe that the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden was the one responsible for the overall attack.
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Media Portrayal #1

Many people have different opinions on what really happened the day of 9/11. A theory that still stands strong today is the government was involved in the attack. People believe it was an inside job from the government and they had full control. People believe this because before the planes got hijacked, stocks skyrocked on United Airlines and American Airlines which were involved. Also the government withheld information which led to suspicion of the people. If there were pictures or videos of an airliner hitting the Pentagon, you'd think they would have been released by now. Why would the government refuse for 10 plus years to release pictures that prove its case? The FBI confiscated all film from all surveillance cameras andno one has seen them.
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Media Portrayal #2

Many others believe that 9/11 was a terrorist attack led by Osama bin Laden. Many people dont believe the videos given by the government. These videos included Osama bin Laden taking full responsibility for everything that took place that tragic day. Osama first denied all involvement to the attack, but then the government had videos of him saying that he did indeed lead the attack. Viewers did not believe the videos because they thought, "Who would admit to that?" This did not help the governements case and led more people to believe that the attack was a set up.

Media Bias

For a long period after 9/11, people all over the media posted and pulled together stories of what happened for people all over the world to see. 9/11 was all you saw on the news for weeks after the attack. Journalists made very graphic stores and videos from the day as well. They included bias into their stories to attact more and more viewers. From their eyes, they assumed people would see the attact how they did.

Criticism #1

Historical Cristism was associated with 9/11. There were many doubts to what actually happened and who was involved in the attacks. Ever since, there have been movies and books created in rememberance of the tragic day. All of them have a different perspective of what they see happened that day. No one can we sure what actually went on behind the scenes and why this attack took place and no one ever will. This story will stay in the books with different conspiracies forever.
9/11/01 - CNN News Coverage 1st 5 Minutes

Criticism #2

This attack would also be seen as Cultural. The blame of 9/11 was easier to convince people because Islamic terrorism was involved. Now when people think terrorist, they think of Islam and Muslims. Islam is now a picture for hate's growth and spread. Many people use to say that Muslims are true models of virtue. Americans since 9/11 now have a popular, powerful, and dangerous, understanding of Islam.