Every Student Succeeds Act and NCLB

No Child Left Behind Act 2001

No College and career ready standards

Federal Government will make no identification and intervention groups

Imposing Federal Solutions

More emphasis on high stake testing.

Annual Statewide testing for all students' learning

Every Student Succeeds Act 2015

Holds all students to an high academic standard that will help them to get prepared for college and careers

If students fail behind, the states will help them get resourses so schools can improve.

This will put a focus on low-performing schools, high dropout rates, and schools with achievment gaps.

Having the state and local government to develop their own ideas to make schools better.

Reducing testing for students and teachers.

It allows the teacher to spend more time teaching which will help students to learn.

Provides more children access to high-quality preschool.

Annual states with testing for all students' learning.

Able to create new resources for stategies that help to reform, create opporunity and better outcomes for students.