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Letter From The Editors by: Giancarlo and Lalana

The great editors of the week were Giancarlo and Lalana. That's us! We make sure the articles are perfect like the word perfect. Thank you. Wait a minute....don't leave (sigh) okay, leave.

Upcoming Events by: Sean A and Mason

Hello everyone Mason and Sean A here and we are here to inform you about upcoming events. April 22 field trip, April 28 interims, April 29, no school ,May 10th DE reading, May 11th DE math. Go Chargers!

Academic Awesomeness

by: Ayla and Addison Welcome to Innovators News!!! We are going to tell you about SLS (student led schedule)It is where us students make our own schedule. Then we follow it throughout the day. We get to sign up for groups and schedule meetings. We are very engaged in our learning with the SLS. Our due date is Friday for all of the have to's .The have to's are things we have to do by Friday. BYE!!!!!!

By:Raahee Hi everyone, Today I am talking about the blog on Acedemic Awesomeness. The blog is where you write about anything new every week and get feed back from your parents.The blog is a ggood way of sharing new news and new discoveries. Check it out at . That's all I got to say for now, so ta-ta.

Innovation Station

Kids Scouts By:Anna and Caroline Kids Scouts is a fun combination of girl scouts or boy scouts.All kids that sign up will get to do camping,soccer,football,baking and more.The group names are the cubs ages 5 to 7, the lions 8 to 9, and the royals 10 through 12. Anna Bethany and Caroline are in the planning stages right now.Oh and do not forget GO KIDS

Rainbow loom for the asthma foundation By:Sean .G. and my helper, Amanda!

This week for the innovation station,I will tell you about my project called Rainbow loom for the american asthma foundation!All you need to do is buy rainbow loom bracelets,then all the money will go to the American Asthma Foundation.I am doing this becuase I have asthma and I want to help find a cure.Asthma is a widespread lung decease.

PS. Every bracelet is 2.00 or under.

PPS.I live at 148 Thornlow Drive St.Johns Fl

PPPS.Thanks to Amanda for helping me write this article.

Sutton Scoop

We had our first week following our student-led schedule. There were some bumps in the road that we are working out but overall, I think it has been a wonderful experience. Some students have embraced in completely. Others are still warming up to the idea. However, I believe they are all learning some very valuable and lifelong skills that will benefit them long after they have forgotten all about third grade. :)

We do have a vocab quiz next week. The link is Students will need to complete the quiz by Friday.

Remember, Friday is our class fieldtrip to the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Students need to wear their class fieldtrip shirts and bring a bagged lunch.

The POA Carnival is this Saturday. It is a wonderful fundraiser for our PTO and I hope you can all make it. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


The Book Nook By Bethany

Hello I'm Bethany and I read a very good book called The 100 year old secreat. IT is about two kids. There great great grandpa was Sherlock holms. The two kids find Sherlock Holm's book of unsolved casses. The kids start and solve the first mystery. I'm sorry but that is all i can tell you. See you next time on Innovators News!

Did you know...? by: Josh G.

I am doing a innovation on Monarchs I will tell you a little bit about Monarchs. Monarchs are endangered. Since 1990 970 million Monarchs have vanished that is only 24 years!! Monarchs migrate for two reason they can't stand the cold and all their food is gone. We can save Monarchs. It's easy.

Fun Fact
Its not easy to raise them but you can do it make sure you have 3-7 milkweeds they are not weeds and some other plants to bring them in.

Spotlight on...Anti-Bullying. by: Lauren

I did a innovation on Bullying and got on morning announcements bullying every day! I worked really hard and with the help of my teacher I went on morning announcements every day.