Visiting Antarctica

Shandis Walters

Visiting Antarctica

It will be amazing to visit Antarctica! You will see amazing like, baby penguin eggs, amazing cool birds flying in the sky, and beautiful whales jumping high in the beautiful blue neon sky. It's a amazing place to visit.

When you get there yo can take pictures of baby penguins, amazing birds, and the coolest things whales. It's that amazing to see!

Next,the cool part is doing fun actives on the ice, and the sea! You can belly side on ice, swimming with animals, and the coolest thing is Ice Staking! If I was you I will go, it's a cool place!

Then, explore on the sea by, riding on the coolest and the peacefulness ship called, " The Polar Duke", you can feed whales while you on the ship, and the peacefulness and the comforable place is lying down looking at the blue beautiful neon sky. Isn't that cool and peaceful.

Well, that's your explore to visit Antarctica hope you will enjoy it by, taking pics of the animals, doing fun actives ice and on the sea, and the most thing that was peaceful was on the sea. Call:555-6789, repeat Call:555-6789. Hope you enjoy Antarctica on the cold sea, on the cold frozen ice, the Polar Duke, and plus the beautiful blue neon sky. Enjoy!