Tustumena Staff Newsletter

For the week of January 28, 2013

From the Parent Newsletter

... Several other events are coming up like gangbusters as well. For example state testing. You may think, “Oh that is not until Spring.” Well you would be right, but just think, February is here, March is short because of Spring Break, and then “Boom,” the first week of April is here and so is state testing. The kids and teachers are already working like crazy so things are looking pretty good. Two things that we are really paying attention to are Science and Geometry. If you would like to support your students’ learning but don’t know where to start, try http://www.khanacademy.org/ there are lessons there for every grade level and every academic subject. It is free and fun to learn with your kids. Other fun science sites are:




One of the things you do that helps with student performance already is to just get the kids to school. Thank you. It makes sense that if kids aren’t at school they will be behind. For example if a child misses 20 days per school year (often the case when sick days and vacation days get combined) by the time that child is in middle school, they have missed a year’s worth of education. So an 8th grader has really only done the work of a 7th grader. Please continue to keep your kids in school and take family vacations during holidays or spring and summer breaks.

Please help spread the word around the community that Kindergarten Pre-Registration is January 28-31 for the upcoming 20132-14 school year. It really helps us with our planning to have a good idea of how many students we will be serving next year. So if you know anyone in the area who has a child that will turn 5 years before the end of August, please send them to our school or have them call 260-1345.

I would like to continue to notify you and ask for feedback about our newsletter going “digital.” I have not received any negative feedback so far nor requests for paper copies. We will switch over to digital/on-line newsletter as of February 22.

Our Tustumena Site Team meeting will be Monday, January 28 at 4pm. One of the agenda items will be a discussion about the Soldotna Area Configuration committee conversations. Any member of the public is welcome to attend. We will also have a community meeting on the same topic on February 10th in the Tustumena Library at 7pm. Another agenda item will be a discussion about gaps in our school security.

Finally, I want to remind you all of the Parent/Teacher conferences coming up February 7th and 8th. If you have not received notification of your appointment from your child’s teacher, please contact them.


Now I know why you have worried looks on your faces when I say, "Collaboration"

As we have been discussing how to improve practice by implementing (I didn't use the "C" word) I have seen looks of concern. So I did a little research on examples of teacher collaboration. The first video is a great example of how NOT to do it. It is meant to be humorous, but I am sure there is a certain amount of truth that rings through it, and that may be what you are worried about. The second video is a little "stiff" but has some good language and the right concept of peers collaborating, looking at student data, and creatively supporting each other's ideas.

Our configuration and needs are unique, so our collaboration time will be just as unique. You are the best teachers for our students and for each other. "Iron sharpens Iron." (Getting tired of me saying that yet?;-))

You do not have to view these all the way through to get the jest, we will veiw them as a team as part of our training on Wednesday.

"Bad example"


"Good example"


Minutes from last week and agenda for next week.


  • We will continue with collaboration discussion. Target, to have one session a month for February (maybe), March and April, and then in May discuss our experience and how it may fit into next year's SIP.
  • SIP update- Data shows that Science, specifically boys in science needs improvement. We will be discussing how we are adjusting our instruction to improve this data point. Same for Geometry.
  • Carnival, Meatball feed, and Forensics are all on the upcoming calendar.

Agenda for 1-30-13

  • Collaboration-video
  • Update on SIP
  • Update on Soldotna Area School Configuration
  • Good of order

From Nurse Gayle:


According to WEB MD, there are certain foods that will make the transition to wellness easier on the body after having the flu:

1. Popsicles: An icy popsicle can soothe a sore, prickly, swollen, or dry throat. It can also help keep you hydrated, which is key when battling the flu. Getting enough fluids can keep mucus thin and help lessen congestion. Look for popsicles made from 100% fruit juice to make sure you're getting vital nutrients and not sugar water. Some flavors to try: apple, grape, or strawberry.

2. Turkey: Turkey is a good, lean protein, essential to solid nutrition. And although you may not feel like it, eating can help give your body energy to fight illness. Try adding cranberry sauce for a spike of flavor and comfort-food taste.

3. Vegetable Juice: Making and eating a salad is probably one of the last things you'll feel up to while recovering from the flu. Down a glass of low-sodium vegetable juice instead. You'll load up on immune-boosting antioxidants and keep yourself hydrated. Craving a sweet taste? Go with 100% fruit juice.

4. Chicken Soup: Nourishing and hydrating, there's also some scientific evidence that chicken soup may help with healing and have mild anti-inflammatory effects. Studies have found that hot chicken soup can improve the ability of cilia, the tiny hair-like parts of the nasal passages, to protect the body from bacteria and viruses.

5. Garlic: Garlic can be a good choice to spice up foods like soup. It appears to have antimicrobial and immune-stimulating properties and may give you slight relief from congestion.

6. Ginger: Stomachache? Nausea? Ginger is a home remedy often used to soothe these symptoms. Some studies suggest it may help fight inflammation. Try adding it freshly grated or in powdered form to other foods, or drinking flat ginger ale.

7. Tea: Green, oolong, and black tea offer disease-fighting antioxidants. And breathing in the steam can help relieve congestion. Add a spoonful of honey and a squeeze of lemon to help soothe a sore throat. If caffeine bothers you, opt for decaf or herbal versions.

8. Bananas: Sliced, mashed, or whole, bananas are easy on the stomach. They can be a go-to food if you've been hit with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which often occur in kids with the flu. Bananas, along with rice, applesauce, and toast, make up the BRAT diet -- often the first foods doctors encourage people to try when they’re recovering from stomach flu and ready for solid foods.

9. Toast: Although it brings up the rear of the BRAT diet, toast is nothing to ignore. If you can manage food, try toast or crackers. They can be convenient foods when you're fighting illness. Plus, they pair well with chicken noodle soup and their satisfying crunch can take the edge off hunger when your stomach can't handle much.

10. Meal Replacement Drinks: If your appetite has returned, try one of these to make sure you're getting proper nutrients and calories. Look for lactose-free drinks with at least 6 grams of protein and that are low in sugar. Flavors like strawberry and chocolate may make getting essential vitamins, nutrients, and calories more attractive