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October 26, 2015

Big Deal for the Week

Parent/Teacher Conferences are this week with Tuesday being our late night until 7:00 p.m. The goal is that we would meet face to face with 100% of our parents; however, that is a lofty goal. If you have trouble getting parents in, please do your best to get in a phone conversation. At the very least, just make note of your attempts to make contact. All certified staff will put in an extra 7.25 hours this week so that we can all enjoy a day off on Monday, November 2nd. If you anticipate having a high need or intense conference and would like for me to sit in on it, please let me know in advance and I would be happy to attend.

There will be a light dinner served in the teacher workroom for dinner on Tuesday evening. :)

Important Dates

Oct. 26-30 Parent/Teacher Conference Week

Oct. 26-30 Red Ribbon Week

  • Monday: Red Out Day-wear red from head to toe to show that you support being drug-free!
  • Tuesday: Drugs are wacky! Style your hair in a wacky fashion to show the world that drugs are wacky!

  • Wednesday: Team Drug-Free! Wear a sports jersey or uniform to sport your drug-free lifestyle.

  • Thursday: Sock it to Drugs! Sock it to drugs by wearing your crazy socks to school!

  • Friday: Smart People Don’t Use Drugs! Wear your favorite college T-shirt or hat, or dress like a college professor. Show everyone that you are too smart for drugs!

Oct. 27 Parent/Teacher Conference Late Night...until 7:00 p.m. (No staff meeting)

Oct. 29 Character Ed Assembly at 1:30 p.m.

Oct. 31 Halloween...Boo!


Nov. 3 NO SCHOOL - Professional Learning at SPS NOW

Nov. 4 Monthly Assemblies

  • 9:15 3rd-5th
  • 1:45 K-2nd

Rise & Shine

Here is the link to the Rise & Shine PPT.

During morning announcements this week, please review slide 14 - ASSEMBLIES and introduce slide 15 - ALL SETTINGS.

Information for YOU!

  • We have a team attending the Literacy Conference in Little Rock on Monday and Tuesday. Be aware that our reading ladies will be out, as will Ginny and Christina. Thank you for pitching in to support our substitute teachers during this time!
  • I will be in and out of all classrooms this week, but will conducting Tower observations in 1st and 3rd grades.
  • See Mrs. Schindele's link (below) for a quick video on RESPONSIBILITY.
  • If you have not done so, consider moving forward with involving your class to set a class attendance goal. There is nothing better than seeing a group of kids work together toward a common goal! :)
  • Jeans Days-a-Plenty! With the sale of jeans tickets for the Pay It Forward campaign, we will be having lots of jeans days. Please check in with Mrs. Lori on the days you are using a jeans coupon and she will give you a stamp. Please keep in mind that even in jeans we should look like the professionals we are. Please leave the jeans at home if I have communicated in advance that we will have district VIPs in the building. Thank you!
  • Lexia is a phenomenal resource for you to know exactly where each of your students are and what it will take to move them forward. Once devices are rolled out, I highly encourage all classrooms to use Lexia as a rotation during guided reading. Having students waiting in line for the Smartboard and playing games that may not meet the mark for rigor will be a thing of the past. Start familiarizing yourself with Lexia. Ask Kristie, Sharon, or myself if you need help getting started!
  • Model Classrooms: I highly encourage you to talk to Ginny and Cheryl (Tiffanie and Stephanie too!) about device integration and about how instruction in their rooms have been impacted. Consider stepping into their rooms during your prep time to see what IGNiTE looks like and sounds like. If you would like to see a specific instructional time that does not align with your prep time, we can see about getting brief class coverage for you. Just ask if you have questions!
  • If the staff parking lot is full and you need to park along the street, please park north of the staff parking lot along the west side of Douglas. Parking on the east side of Douglas or in front of the school will impede the flow of traffic during dismissal and may result in your car being hit. If you have questions about where to park, please ask.
  • If you would like to give a colleague a pat on the back, consider filling out an online recognition form. The link is as follows:
  • Please pick up a few Outstanding Behavior and Academic Achievement forms from the front office. If you have a student that is “walking on water” with improving their behavior and/or academic status, please consider filling one out. We will recognize these ‘outstanding’ award winners during our monthly Bowerman Star assemblies.


Nov 1 Cassie Block

Nov 11 Mike Runnels

Nov 14 Carolyn Sharp

Nov 20 Carmen Gheorge

Nov 24 Stephanie Reid

Nov 26 Kristie Bennett

Our Mission

The mission of the Bowerman community is to equip our students to be successful and literate 21st century learners.

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Be Responsible (Safe and Respectful) Children's Song by Patty Shukla