The Black Death


The black death appears

The black death appeared in Europe unexpectedly while the citizens weren't prepared and some suffered with injuries or sometimes the possibility of death.

What caused the black death.

The black death spreads

The black death was consider as a difficult plague to be cured.The black death was created by the bacteria that spread the black death to rats which helped it spread it into humans.

The population decreases

The population of the middle ages decreases

After the black death finished over almost 3 years the population seemed to be decreased.The population of the middle ages seems to be changing some of the rules.

The medieval time changes

After the population had been decreased the whole rules had changed.The peasants wanted more power more rights of there own.The peasants were all over the place,they wanted to make a rule of there own a deal with the king and vassals as well as the lord.It ended feudalism,it changed art,literature,and the way religion worked.