Mrs. Bryer's Newsletter

November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Program

Please plan to visit us for our Thanksgiving program on Tuesday, November 20th at 8:45. Plan to get her a little early to get a seat. If you are unable to come, please feel free to send a family member or friend in your place. The kids look forward to a familiar face in the audiance.

If you are planning on taking your child after the program please follow us back to the room to sign them out and get their things. If you are not planning on taking your child, please let them know ahead of time so they know what to expect. It is easier to handle the thought of staying and then get suprised with leaving early rather than thinking you are going home and then staying the rest of the day. Either way, please stop by the classroom. The children made something for Thanksgiving and it is too big to fit in their backpack. I would love for you to take it with you so that is doesn't get forgotten at Kids Klub or damaged on the bus.

For those kids staying, we will have free art most of the day. They love it and the social skills they are forced to use in the real world situations is invaluable. They don't realize how much they are working on their fine motor skills and many of them are writing notes on their work too. This will give me time to meet with individuals to confer on their writing. They will have fun staying or going!

Q and U Wedding

Some of you might have heard that we attended a wedding on Friday. The letter Q and the letter U were married. It is a way to help children remember that when you have a word with Q it always has U. The children made veils and top hats. We practiced dancing and they were very well behaved. We even had popcorn in our room afterwards. What is a wedding without food! I did try to take pictures but with all of the kindergarten children in the pod at once, it was hard to get any good shots of the actual event. Below are some of the children lined up to walk down the aisle.

Report Cards

Your child's report card went home in their folder on Friday. Inside you should have found a yellow report card. Please sign and return it in the envelope. When the yellow copy is returned, I will send your blue copy home. This is my way of keeping track of returned report cards. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. There is also a Homework Skill sheet that lets you know what letters, sounds, words, and numbers your child has not mastered yet. The letters and sounds should be priority as well as numbers 0-10. The teen numbers are not officially assessed until later in the year but they do take some time to master.

Another great car activity is to say a number and they have to tell you what comes after or before. This practice helps them solidify their understanding of patterns in numbers. Knowing what comes next also helps them learn to count on much quicker. An example of counting on is 5+2, the child would start at 5 and count up 2 instead of counting 5 and then adding 2. These are great areas to focus on during the time you work in the homework bag 2-3 times each week. If you would like more ideas please let me know.

There is also a sheet provided by the district. It gives you information on the stages of writing as well as reading levels. The goal in kindergarten is to get every child to a level C or beyond by the end of kindergarten. The goal this 6 weeks was to be at a level A. Writing is less definate. I want each child to continue to grow in writing as they are able. It happens to be my most FAVORITE time of the day.

If you would like to request a conference, or I requested you to contact me with your available times, please do so. I would love to meet with everyone again but I know that time does not allow it.

Please return the yellow signed report card by Tuesday! You don't want to worry about it over the long weekend.

I am thankful...

I am thankful for having such a wonderful class. We have our ups and downs as any family does but they really do look out for each other. Their supportive words of encouragement, their gentle hands on the shoulder of a sad friend, and their kind reminders of what they are supposed to be doing are the things that make this job so rewarding. Watching children grow as learners is a great reward, but even more is watching them become productive citizens in our classroom family. They are eager to learn and make me smile every day. Thank you for entrusting me with your precious cargo.

Have an enjoyable, safe holiday weekend. May the time with your family be filled with laughter, smiles, a little quarrel to spark things up, and lots of yummy foods.