Preparing for Olympian High's 2015 WASC visit

Who are the WASC'ATEERS?

The WASC'ATEERS are a group of Olympian students (10th through 12th graders) who have been handpicked to serve as liaisons between the Olympian faculty/administration and the rest of the student body in regard to preparing for the 2015 WASC visit. Their job is to remain informed about school data that might be of interest to the WASC visiting team, and to help the rest of the student body become informed as well.

WASC'ATEERS will be responsible for attending monthly meetings hosted by Mr Rodriguez, Olympian High's WASC coordinator. These meeting will disseminate and discuss information about Olympian High School and this school year's WASC visit (this visit will be held during the first week of March 2015).

Some WASC'ATEERS will also serve as members of the WASC Focus Groups. These Focus groups (see below) include teachers, administrators and parents. Selected students will join the groups and provide their perspectives. Focus groups meet once a month after school and carefully research/study data required from the WASC visiting committee.

What does the acronym WASC stand for?

WASC stands for Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This organization is responsible for granting accreditation status to high schools.

Accreditation means...in the original sense of the word..."trustworthiness."

Accreditation is a process in which an organization or individual is certified to be competent.

It recognizes a certain level of quality.

It ensures each school aims for constant self-improvement.

Schools undergo the accreditation process every six years.

What does it mean to be an Olympian student?

If a visiting WASC committee member were to ask you that question, what would your answer be?

Would there be evidence around campus to back up your answer? If so, what would you point to?

Interesting Info: The RoadMap to the Common Senior Experience

The Roadmap to the Common Senior Experience includes the 9th grade Portfolio Night, the 10th Grade Readiness Conference, the Junior Portfolio Night, and the Senior Showcase.

What do these four milestones have in common? They all involve students showing evidence of their use of the College Readiness Skills to parents and/or members of the community.

Three Critical Learner Needs

Olympian's Focus groups have determined that these are our school's three Critical Learner Needs. These are the three areas that we need to work on in order to get more students to reach "Proficiency" in their different academic subjects:

1. Critical Thinking

2. Writing/Context-based Communication

3. Numeracy (i.e. basic math skills)

Olympian's WASC Focus Groups

Olympian's Focus Groups have been meeting since February 2014. The Focus Groups each address one of the following subjects:

1. Organization

2. Curriculum

3. Instruction

4. Assessment

5. Culture

Each Focus Group spends time discussing and answering prompts required by the WASC.


Wednesday, Aug. 13th, 3pm

Room 709 (Mr. Rodriguez' room)

This brief meeting is for those WASC'ATEERS who wish to serve as student members on one of Olympian's WASC Focus Groups (in addition to serving as a regular WASC'ATEER member).

I am looking for 3-5 students for each Focus Group. I will briefly interview prospective students at this meeting. As a Focus Group member you will interact with teachers and administrators during the monthly meetings. Remember, as a Focus Group member you must be willing to attend meetings after school (once a month) from August till February 2015.

Olympian's Focus Group meetings will be held once a month immediately after school in the MPR. The next WASC Focus Group meeting will be held August 27, 2014.