The Respiratory System

By, Andrew

The Nose and The Mouth

Your nose and your mouth are the two airways that the air can get down through to your lungs. Your nose and mouth are one of the most important parts in your body because your nose is used for smelling things. And also used for breathing. Your mouth is used for tasting, and also for breathing as well. Most things in your head are attached to your lungs.

Respiratory System

In this paragraph, I'am going to talk to you about The Respiratory System and its process.

So, we start off witht the nose and mouth. Its's part of a role, the paticular role is a way for oyxgen/carbon dioxide to get into the system. Then travels down through your esophagus and goes to the larynx and tranfers to the trachea. Branches form Bronchus in which goes into each lung. Then in the lung makes tini branches called Bronchiales. Then they turn into tini saks called Alveoli. Which Alvoeli, is about 50m2 in dimeter. Which has over three thousand, of Alvoeli. In which my firends is were the magic happen. Alvoeli are little bags of moist Mem-Brains, are totally covered in tini narrow blood Capillaries and is absorbed by the blood. Cappillaries than goes on through the Circulartorrie to make cells all through your body.

Take what I just said, and restart the whole process, and it is called Respiratory.

Respirotory and More