LSR7 District Wide Book Fair

February 22 - March 5, 2021

Follett Book Fair

Welcome to the district wide efair from February 22 - March 5, all LSR7 elementary libraries will be hosting one HUGE Follett Book Fair. We are excited to get more books into kids' hands! Additionally, all the proceeds will come back to each LSR7 elementary library to purchase even more great titles for our collections. We appreciate all of your support. Thank you!

What Books?

eFair Flyer

Students who are learning in person will receive a flyer that highlights some of the fantastic books from the fair. This only gives a small glimpse into all of the options that they have available for purchase. There are several ways to search for books! You can search by categories, recommended books, specific titles and even the flyer (link below).

Book Fair Highlight Video

Click the link below to view a few highlighted titles from the fair. Feel free to check out more than one age group if you are interested.

How To Order

Take 3 minutes to watch this How-to video!!!

This video will show you how to shop the efair. It will walk you through different ways you can search for books, show you how you can purchase for multiple children and even how you can purchase items as a gift. It may just save you time in the long run...check it out in the link below.

Here is the link!

Click the link below to access the fair.

If you are prompted for a code... our district code is K5X5G.

A little more information for those who decide to purchase!

What are the profits going towards?

For every purchase made, our elementary and preschool libraries earn 25% back in rewards to support our literacy mission. The profits will be evenly distributed to purchase more books that support our literacy goals.

Don't worry!

Please note... if you see Hawthorn Hill listed anywhere, it is only because all book purchases will be shipped there. Once the books arrive, they will be sorted and brought to your child's home school for delivery. Again, please disregard if you see Hawthorn Hill listed as your school. Thanks!

When to expect them?

We are planning to have books sorted and delivered about 3 weeks after the fair concludes. It is our hope that you and your child will receive your books to enjoy prior to Spring Break!

Thank you!!!

Thank you for all you do to support our schools and our libraries. We appreciate you! Thanks so much for shopping the district wide e-fair!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your home school's library media specialist.