Clemson University

By: Ethan Jones

History of Clemson University

Clemson University was founded in 1889. It was founded by Thomas Green Clemson, for a agriculture college and to benefit the state of South Carolina. It was initially an all-male military school. But in 1955 it opened to women and men that were not in the military.


Every year tuition will cost $63,500 for a non-resident of South Carolina. I will be getting my Bachelors degree form Clemson University.

College and Majors

I will be going to the colleges of Architectural, Arts and Humanities and Physical Education. I will be majoring in Kinesiology and Sports Communication.

Social Activities

I will be playing soccer for Clemson. I will coach kid soccer teams and will help out at the Clemson soccer camp.


After college I will be a pro-soccer player. I will try to play for a league outside of the country, like La Liga, Barclays and others. I'm interested in this career because I love toplay the sport. I am currently playing soccer. After my career I will be a sports announcer for soccer channel on TV.

Goals for High school

Play for the high school soccer team.
Get lots of scholarships.
Have really good grades.
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