Fine Dining in the Jungle

Finding Food

Animals and Insects

There are all sorts of different types of animals in the wild that a person could eat. mostly any mammal or bird can be eaten as long as it has been cooked good enough to kill the germs. Eating birds and mammals can be much safer because most insects are poisonous as are lizards and other reptiles. Depending on your location there are some insects that can be eaten. These include such bugs as crickets cicadas and grasshoppers and bugs to avoid are mainly bugs with bright colors on them.


Finding water is one of the most important things to worry about when stranded or lost in the wild, but there are many ways to find it. Buy observing your surroundings and the animals around you it is possible to tell when water is near. Most birds that eat grain live near water as do bees and large flies. Large birds like vultures can go a long time without water so don't use them as an example. By breaking the roots and branches of trees your can find water inside of plants. Using a fire you can turn sea water into water that you can drink.


While trying to find food you could end up as food yourself, try to stay away from predators and there food. Depending on where you are there might be hostile animals that could attack you or you could accidentally provoke. In a tropical environment bugs, snakes, cassowaries, and plants. Bugs such as ticks can cause big problems such as paralysis and numbness. They can be removed from the body relatively easily, but you should check for them regularly. Arachnids can also pose a threat as there bites can be very harmful, but they should just be left alone. Snakes will usually run away from you but if you are bitten then you should apply pressure to the wound until you can get help. Cassowaries are large bird like animals that are very protective parents but like most animals should be left alone in order to avoid attacks from them, however if you are attacked hide yourself behind a rock or tee and don't run. Vines can be thorny and harm the hand and some trees have leaves that can cause severe pain.