MackinVia E-books

A Digital Resource Tool

The Advantages of Digital Books

  • Keeps the classroom library vibrant and diverse while accommodating more students
  • More bang for your buck, school's digital collection becomes part of the classroom
  • Students can choose books without fear of of judgment from others
  • Personalized reading experiences which aides in accommodating differing learners: Read-Alongs, text-to-speech, audio books, font and text size, various background colors
  • Increased value for content area classrooms - non-fiction at all levels for research and inquiry

MackinVia E-books – Logging In

PES students and families have access to over 1800 e-books to read via MackinVIA. Some books are interactive, some can be used as a read aloud, while others are simply a standard book to be read online. Some e-books are multi-user while the others are single user check-out.

Username = e-number (s-number for students)

Password = school/district log-in (animal password for students)

If you can’t log-in into your account, you can go in as a guest, don’t choose a location, username - palencia and password – pirates.

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What resources are available?

E-books - 1,226 Non-Fiction 625 Fiction

  • State Awards - SSYRA, SSYRA Jr. and FRA
  • Popular Series - Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, Katie Woo, Library of Doom
  • Favorite Authors - Dr. Seuss, Lisa Graff
  • Capstone Interactive - books read aloud to students

Groups of Resources

Groups of Resources - collections of eBooks I have put together based on student interests and teacher suggestions for topics of study

  • Holidays
  • Sports
  • Favorite Series
  • Digital Citizenship
  • States


  • Florida Electronic Library
  • DK Findout
  • World Book
  • History Lab

Links - we can add more

  • Epic
  • Capstone
  • TED Talks
  • Kahn Academy


  • Storyline Online book videos
  • Student Generated Videos
  • SchoolTube hosted Videos
  • Microsoft Stream hosted videos
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Online or Using the App

  • Online via your web browser - there is not an option to download
  • Via the app in Apple or Android the book can be downloaded for use offline
  • Laptop, Tablet, IPad, or cell phone

How can I use MackinVia in the classroom?

  • Whole class Read Aloud
  • Independent Reading on level
  • Guided Reading - small group instruction
  • Support Struggling Readers and ELL with Interactive and Read-Along options
  • Non-fiction Reading/Science and Social Studies instruction
  • Centers/STEAM Stations
  • Conducting Research and citing sources
  • Buddy Reading via Skype
  • Creating and Sharing Digital Stories
  • Literature Groups/Book Clubs

Why and How to Include Ebooks to Your Classroom Library

Digital Independent Reading in the Classroom

Send this letter home to parents!

Summer Reading Challenge - last year's program

Summer Reading Challenge Digital Newsletter

Palencia's Read 6 E-books for Summer Success

Did you know that your child could avoid summer reading loss by reading just 6 books this summer? With this inspiration, the PES Pirate Cove is sponsoring a summer reading program for our pirates that utilizes our library’s collection of E-books on MackinVia. The school library is always open online and the summer time is no exception. We have created summer reading lists from MackinVia for each grade level. Your child can participate in this program by doing the following:

1. Log-in to the MackinVia website with any Internet connected device using your student number and I-ready password. (Username – s12345 Password – tiger123 or use the Guest login by leaving the school line blank, Username – palencia, Password – pirates)

2. Read at least 6 books from the grade level list posted on the MackinVia home page or the image list below. Use the list for the grade your child is entering in August 2018.

3. Circle the books that your child reads on the summer reading form and complete the name and new teacher information.

4. Turn in your Summer Success form when school starts by August 24 and receive a Smencil and new book. All students who complete the 6 E-book challenge will be entered into a drawing for 3 $25 gift certificates to Barnes and Nobel.

Below are each upcoming grade level lists. They are also listed on the MackinVia home page. Each list image below is linked to the groups in MackinVia. Do download the Summer Reading Form visit the Summer Reading Page or click on the downloadable forms below each grade level list.
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Palencia Elementary Media Center - The Pirate Cove

The mission of the library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas, information and technology. Creating a foundation for lifelong learning is at the heart of our program, so that we are prepared to set sail into tomorrow’s world.