Channel Islands National Park

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All about Channel Islands National Park

Have you ever been to Channel Islands National Park? Well this website is for people who haven't. If you like to relax, adventure, have fun, and more this place is for you. Channel Islands National park is located in California. Here is a sweet website with all the information you will need to get around this beautiful place.

Channel Islands History

If you saw the photo up above you may be thinking, How was that area formed or founded? Or What animal, sea life, plants , etc. are there? Well here is some information and history about the gorgeous place, called Channel Islands.

In 7,5000 BP earliest known Chumash Village was founded.

In 1960 the Chickasaw wrecked into pieces on prisoner harbor.

In 1963 cooperative agreement established between the U.S Navy and the Department of Interior allows the NPS to manage SMI.

In 1667 headquarters for Channel Islands National monument is established in Oxard.

In 1974 Channel Islands National monument is moved to Ventura harbor.

In 1980 Channel Islands National Park and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary are established.

In 2001 members of the Chumash community paddle across the Santa Barbra channel to Santa Cruz island in a plank canoe it was the first travel in the historic route since the 1870's.

In 2012 economic report shows that in 2010 park

visitors spent more than $24 million in nearby

communities, supporting more than 300 jobs in

the area.

If you would like to learn more history about Channel Islands if got my information on

Packing List

Clothing and Accessories

Comfortable walking shoes





Beach, Camping and Outdoors

Sleeping bag

Sun Screen


Packing List Explanation

I choose shorts, shirts, sun screen, and swim suits because it is very hot there in California, especially in the summer at this time. I also chose comfortable walking shoes because you can go hiking there and you can go on nice strolls. If you like to be outdoors and not in a hotel room I put tent and sleeping bag in the list. Lastly, you have pajamas because you don't want to go to sleep in the clothes you wore all day.