Wayne Weekly

Week of January 18

Three Week Reports

Please have a conversation with students about their current graduation progress, second quarter grades, review plan for midterms and their assessment schedule for midterm week.

Refer to the spreadsheet attached to this email.

Midterm Week Information (January 26th - January 29th)

1) Please share the midterm schedule with students during advisory.

Additionally, please review the reminders that are listed at the end of the document.

2) Proctoring assignments are listed on the detailed schedule. If you are listed as the first proctor, you are a Lead Proctor. It is essential for the lead proctors to review the expectations for this role. These expectations are listed in the PowerPoint .

3) All staff need to review the midterm proctoring expectations PowerPoint.

4) All Professional Learning Communities will be meeting on Friday afternoon (January 29th). Please use this document to guide your discussion and add it to your Google PLC folder.