Pages/ Keynote!

By: Samantha Martin

What there is to do on Pages..

On pages there is two different sections to choose from which is , Word Processing-Black, Letters, Envelopes, Forms, Resumes, Reports, Outlines, Miscellaneous,

Page layout- Black, Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Cards & Invitations, Business Cards, Certificates, Miscellaneous. You have also to choose from Black Page or Blank Landscape.

Facts about Pages..

There are 13 thing that you can choose from which is, View, Outline, Sections, Text Box, Shapes, Table, Charts, Comment, Share, Inspector, Media, Color, and Fonts.


On keynote you can do multiple chooses to choose from (35 chooses.) You can change the Slide Size, Open an Existing File, or open Recent File.. You have New, Play, View,, Guides, Themes, Masters, Text Box, Shapes, Table, Charts, Comments,, Mask, Alpha, Group, Ungroup, Front, and Back.. You can change the font, size, bold, italics, or underline it..