Laws and Infractions

Level 1 laws

1. If you steal, you are placed in complete isolation and darkness for 1 week

2. If you do property damage, you spend not 1 week but a month of isolation

Level 2 laws

1. If you attempt to any major crime (murder, kidnapping, etc.), you will be banished.

Level 3 laws

1. Any complete attempt on any major crime harming anyone other than the new top of the food chain will be brought to the infraction rendezvous where you will be swiftly executed for the crimes he/she had committed.


In Ashton Outpost if citizens are unproductive and completely lazy their rations will be cut into 1/4 of your original amount, which is only 2 days worth per person. This only happens once you hit 16 and are not productive, if you go out of the safely of the outpost and try to get your own resources you are allowed to use them and share them. That can be an addition to your normal ration supply.

Ashton Outpost Security

Katie Oxford , head of security. Not much is known about her but what is known is she was an ex detective in the Los Angeles Police Department, after the apocalypse she became our head of security and head of the watchmen detail, a set of watch towers on 24 hour watch of inside and out the outposts.