10 Amendments

Andres Benavides

1st Amendment

This amendment lets you have the freedom to talk and say whatever you want. Plus you can write a letter or print out anything. You can also praise any religion that you want. If you wanted to assemble with a lot of different people, you could. If you didn't like a certain rule you could run a petition.
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2nd Amendment

This Amendment gives you the right to have as many guns that you want. This is good if you wanted to defend themselves from thiefs.
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Amendment 3

It is to let the people to have a right whether to home soldiers. So if soldiers wanted to house in civilians houses, they couldn't
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Amendment 4

This amendment makes sure that cops have to have a warrant to search any of there property
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Amendment 5

Don't have to testify against yourself
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Amendment 6

To give the person a right to go through trail
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Amendment 7

It gives you a chance to correct on and you can rightfully get a good lawyer and judge
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Amendment 8

You have the right to not to be overally punished. If you steal like a book, you can't get exicuted.
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Amendment 9

This gives the people of United States to some privacy. So the government can't invade your privacy
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Amendment 10

This Amendment lets the states make there own laws called state laws. They can make there own laws like taxes and speed limits