Going Paperless!

An introduction to the why's and how's.

Why is going paperless a great idea?

1. After the initial time investment going paperless is actually a tremendous time saver.

2. Almost no risk of "losing" work (either your own or students').

3. This process gives you a more efficient real time record of assignments and submissions.

4. Faster feedback on assignments and assessments.

5. Makes planning for subs significantly easier.

What tools do I need to do this?

Most people probably think they need to learn how to use several new tools in order to go paperless. This is simply not the case. You can make this transition by simply using the tools you already have at your disposal.
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What about all my old paper documents?

Follow the link below to see the tutorial about how to transfer all of your current paper documents to PDF form using the copiers here at school. It takes LESS time than making copies!

Scanning Tutorial

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Evaluation Form

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