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February 24, 2023

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From the Head of School...

Hello Summit Community,

I hope you are having a wonderful week! Thank you to all who participated in our Scholastic Book Fair. It is great to see so much community support. Your purchases will help to provide additional funding for our Summit School Library.

There are a number of other community events coming up on our calendar. Please join us for The Summit Sock Hop, STEAM Night, and the Summit School Family Picnic to celebrate global awareness.

Thank you for all you do.


Dr. Stephanie Nardi

Head of School

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Summit Middle School Authors

Sydney H. and Sadie P., two Summit Middle School students, are published authors! Their book is a young adult, dystopian story available on Amazon at

Divided by the Seasons originated on September 24, 2021. We had a basic outline and a few characters and began to write. We wrote for maybe six months before we finished the book and then edited for almost a year. Our book is a young adult dystopian that revolves around four teenagers living in worlds they don’t quite belong. When the characters are given a role that could change everything, they learn horrible things about the places they called home. As their relationships fluctuate and changes occur, these teenagers must find a way to set things right.

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The fun continues online! Visit our Book Fair page through midnight on February 23, and 25% of your purchase will benefit our school. (Shipping is free on book orders of over $25!)

Congratulations to Our 2023 Graduates on Their High School Acceptance!

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Wednesday Enrichment Will Be Career Focused on March 8

Students in grades 1-8 will be visiting two of the following career presentations.

  • Sandy Anderson, Felony Prosecutor for Maricopa County
  • Malisa Cagney, corporate lawyer
  • Kendra Riley, PR agency owner
  • Amy Lecky, teacher
  • Mary Oakley, psychologist
  • Varsha Prasad, therapist
  • Randi Garcia, associate broker/realtor
  • Sharby Kennard. Voya Director of Customer Experience
  • Wendi Lane, engineering
  • Ana Catalina Carvajal Kottman, engineer
  • Nicole Ray, material science engineer
  • Susan Lawson, architect
  • Jessica Yeck, IT Executive
  • Julie Massoud, emergency medicine physician
  • Stephanie Vanden Bosch, nursing
  • Jennifer Hoeppner, optometrist
  • Heather Thomas, physical therapist
  • Charlene Bower, professional driver (off-road)
  • Adrienne Fairwell, general manager of Arizona PBS
  • Kriselle Covin, Arizona Game and Fish Field Supervisor
  • Tausha Bentz, dance instructor
  • Kelly Kraft, acting instructor
  • Jennifer Turk, Human Services Programs Director with the City of Phoenix
  • Murti Nauth, PhD Candidate in UC Berkeley’s Earth and Planetary Science department and a member of NASA’s MAVEN mission at the Space Sciences Lab
  • Zena Foster, Master motorcycle technician/instructor

Summit Eats

To celebrate the diversity of the Summit School community we are launching ‘Summit Eats’ cookbook - a collection of family recipes and the stories that go with them.

We are seeking recipes that tell the story of your family’s origins, culture and history. This might be a recipe from the four corners of the globe, a Southwest favorite or quintessential soul food.

Your recipe alongside those of our community will become part of the 2023 ‘Summit Eats’ Cookbook, which we will be releasing this May! Proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly to Summit School D&I Fund (learn more about Summit’s D&I Committee below).

Keep an eye out for Pre-Sales at Global Awareness Day on April 14.


We invite you to submit a recipe that is of significance to your family here and include a short story along with it (optional). Your family will receive full credit for your recipe contribution.


  • We ask you to ensure you carefully check the information is correct as we will be unable to alter or modify once submitted.

  • If credit for the recipe belongs to another copyrighted cookbook, it is not eligible for publication. By submitting your recipe for publication, you are declaring that you own the intellectual property rights to the recipe.

  • We are unable to include pictures at this time, so please do not include photos with your recipe.

  • You may submit up to 3 recipes for consideration. At least 1 recipe from every participating family will be included.

  • Each recipe will be allocated one page in the book. Please keep the total word count including ingredients list, directions, and any family story you want to include, under 250 words.

  • We intend to continue publishing Summit Eats in future years so if you have more recipes, there will be more opportunities to be included!


Summit School acknowledges and celebrates the unique differences within our community. In doing so we recognize the diversity of our community and larger world while preparing our students to become global citizens.

The Summit D&I Committee, led by the Head of School, is composed of parents and representatives from the Board of Trustees, the PTO, and the wider Summit parent community.

The funds raised through this initiative will support D&I led experiences. Past examples of this include the HOPI-R2 built by electrical engineer Joe Mastroianni and painted by Hopi-Tewa artist Duane Koyawena that visited Summit during Arts Night 2022, the presentation from Navajo artist Jonessa Reid and Loteria Night.

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Save the Date! STEAM Night 2023

Wednesday, March 8th, 5-7pm

4515 East Muirwood Drive

Phoenix, AZ

Join the Summit Community for STEAM Night 2023! Participate in STEAM activities, enjoy Rube Goldberg Machines competing in the STEAM Team Competition, Check out our NASA HUNCH projects, art displays, and more! Pita Jungle will be on-campus for dinner.
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New IBE 2023-24 Application to complete and submit to IBE!

Summit parents who utilize the Arizona Private School Tax Credits for tuition need to complete their preferred School Tuition Organization (STO) new application each spring. Please find the Institute For Better Education, IBE 2023-24 application here. Upon completion, please submit it and any required documents directly to IBE at before June 1, 2023. IBE will only release tax credits towards tuition in July if they have a completed 2023-24 IBE application by that date. For questions regarding the application please visit or call 520-512-5438. If you use a different STO, please visit their website to find their 2023-24 application form.

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Summit School Community Partnerships

Do you own or have a connection to a local business? Please share.

Dear Community Member,

Summit School is pleased to announce that we are starting a community partner program with businesses in our local community. We know that connections in the community are invaluable to the success of our school and our local businesses.

We would like to invite you to become a Summit Community Partner. This partnership requires no donations or financial support. Instead, we ask for mutual participation. Here is how it works.

  • You agree to be a Summit Community Partner by posting our Summit School Community Partner flyer, poster, or our Summit School brochures in your business.

  • We add your logo to our Summit Community Partners website page and our weekly school digital newsletter.

  • We will reach out to you when we have campus events that you may be interested in for the purpose of sponsorship, table displays, or other connections.

  • We offer you the opportunity to add items or information to our new family welcome bags.

To get started, please complete this form or reach out to Kyle Allen, Director of Admissions and Marketing at In addition, please send your business logo as a .png or .jpg file to the email address above.

Want to know more about Summit School? We would be happy to give you a tour of our campus. If you would like a tour or have any questions, please email Kyle Allen or call 480-403-9506. Thank you for your consideration.

In Partnership,

Dr. Stephanie Nardi

Head of School

Support Our Summit School Community Partners

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