RAM and Motherboard

Important Computer Components

RAM - this is a very important part of the computer as it is in control of holding all the tabs at the bottom of your screen and makes sure that once you click on the tab it is the same as you left it. If we didn't have RAM you would have to keep reopening the tab again and again.

Motherboard - the motherboard is the heart of the computer. It holds all the software together so the computer keeps running. If we didn't have the motherboards the computer wouldn't be able to turn the screen on or see us typing our words into the screen so if it weren't for the motherboard you wont be able to anything.

Alan Turning

Alan Turning was born in 1912 and went to Princeton university in America, coming back to England in 1938.When he returned he secretly started to work time for the government code and cypher school. When the war started he started to work full time in the headquarters In blectly park.