Technology has RUINED us!

FInd out how kids are ruining their grades and how to help.

How phones and social media have affected us.

Smart phones and social media are the bane of society, they have already put a big dent in society. Cell phones ruin our apprehension and grammar, and we must fix it by unplugging and turning off. We need to think about what society is turning kids into. The generations that pass through the grade levels become stupider, dumber, and more spoiled than the kids that passed before them. The people are so glued to their phone screams using vine, instagram, twitter, and twitter that no one ever gets anything done that they can not open up their eyes and look around to see the problems that are arising. The problem with this is that America's education will plummet. Parents always say

"Kids are the future of America." How can we live up to that if need we need our phones to babysit us?

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How you can help fix this problem.

To solve this you can set restrictions. Or if that doesn't work then simply give your phone to a parent or roommate and ask them to hold it until you have finished your homework. If that doesn't work then leave it in the other room and turn it completely off and don't turn it back on till you are done with your homework. If you can't take and need your phone then ask someone to hide your phone until you have finished your work.

luke Watkins and Kush Yagnik

Kush Yagnik did the first paragraph and second. Luke Watkins did the second part