#MichED Chat 5/21/14

Reflection of School Year

Wednesday 8:00 p.m.

This week we will have a conversation reflecting on the 2013/2014 school year. Moderator Jeremy Evans, from the Ohio Ed Chat (#ohedchat), will host what will be a great #MichED discussion.

The #MichED team for 5/21:

Moderator: Jeremy Evans (@JR_evans)

Co-moderator: Kyle Krol (@kmkrol)

Greeters: Rebecca Wildman

New member greeter: Todd Bloch

Archiver: Brad Wilson


Q1: What are you currently reflecting on from the 2013-2014 school year? #miched

Q2: In one word, what is the most important aspect of reflection? #miched

Q3: What is the value of reflection? #miched

Q4: What are your favorite ways to reflect? #miched

Q5: Is reflecting in groups valuable? Why? #miched

Q6: How can you encourage students to reflect on their learning? #miched

Q7: What are the best ways for students to reflect? #miched

May #MichED Chat Topics

5/7/14: Do more/less next year (Jeff Bush)

5/14/14: 1) Parent / Community tech events (Bill Martin)

5/21/14: Reflection of 13/14 school year (Jeremy Evans)

5/28/14: Apple vs. Google (Jenny Grabiec & Rebecca Wildman)

6/4/14: Engaging students & personal growth over the summer (Moderator TBD)

The #MichED Chat Team