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GT Testing and Placement Update due to COVID-19

New GT Referral testing takes place during the Spring semester. Due to school closures, GT testing was interrupted.

If a student was referred for GT testing during the 2019-2020 school year, they will go through testing upon return in the Fall. They do not need to have an additional referral. This will take place immediately when the Fall semester begins.

After testing is complete, GT placement meetings will be held to determine services. Once these meetings are complete, letters will be mailed to inform parents whether or not their child has been recommended by the placement committee for GT services.

If a student is recommended for GT services by the placement committee, the student's parents will also receive a "Permission to Participate" form to return to school. Once the permission form is signed and returned, the student may be added to the class roll for GT services.

If there are any questions about GT testing, please contact the MSD K-12 GT Coordinator, Leah Schmidt, at

Stay Well,

Leah Schmidt

MSD K-12 GT Coordinator