Carson Eve

All About Me


Carson Eve has just scored the winning goal of the game they won the state championship soccer game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey I’m Carson and 1 thing that you really should know about me is I LOVE soccer! I’m also really good at golf but better at soccer. I’m also really good at running, but not at sprinting I have a lot of endurance that’s why I like to run 5k’s my record time is 21:45 I got 2nd in my age group! I have a crested gecko lizard an he’s really cool he can climb up walls and even jump, I think he’s a mini kangaroo. I have two siblings named Lainey and Drew. Drew is fun and cool but he’s also very annoying when the time comes. Lainey is funny and loves to be in charge but that’s good thing sometimes. Well that’s about it so... bye.