Pony Experss

by Jarrett


The job of the pony express was delivering mail in 1860-1861. The pony express only went through 8 states. There were young and old riders for the pony express. The pony express was a exciting and challenging job.


Being a rider is a hard job. There were many different types of riders. There were some tall and small riders. There were also were good and bad riders. The youngest rider was 11 years old. The oldest rider was 45 years old.
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It was a risky job for the riders as they went through some dangers like bears snakes and bugs. There were bad weather like floods snow and disease.

The path traved

The pony express only went through 8 states that are Missouri,Kansas, Nebraska , Wyoming , Utah, Nevada, and California. The pony express also went through the California trail.


The pony express only lasted 18 months. Many riders died of disease and bad weather The pony express was a challenging job for the riders. The pony express was the first mail service ever to ride on horse back


You Wouldn't Want to be a Pony Express Rider by Tom Ratliff.

A true book The pony Express By Elaine Landau.