Nouns and Verb Phrases

By: Trevor Martinez

Noun Phrase

A noun phrase is a group of words put together that contains an subject.
Ex: My mom went to the store.

Verb Phrase

A verb phrase is a group of words put together containing an action.

Ex: The dog is running around the park.


There are only three articles in the entire English language - A, An, The.

Articles define a noun as specific or un-specific.


Specific: The macbook

Un-Specific: A macbook


A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun.

Ex: Ryan played laser tag.

With pronoun - He played laser tag

The pronouns are: He, she, it, they we...

Why is "I" a pronoun?

I is a pronoun because it replaces a noun. For example, I would replace Trevor, or Abigail. Using I to replace a noun is like talking in 1st person.

Ex: Trevor went to school

With "I": I went to school

Difference between link and action verbs

An action verb is the subject doing something. The action they are doing

Ex: The dog sniffs the ground.

An linking verb links the subject that describes the subject.

Ex: The dog is muddy.