December Recognition

Includes all in the Success Line of Director Lisa Tucci!

Bye Bye 2014..HELLO 2015...

Wow..what a crazy ride 2014 was...and 2015 looks amazing already with our new Valentine's Day product set to debut on January 7th!! Thank you ALL so much for your hard work and dedication to our team. Whatever your goals are...casual, hobby or business, you can achieve it! Your mentor and your whole upline is committed to helping you achieve those goals. However, you may need to reach out if you dont feel you are getting the help or support you need! It's Ok to be a "squeaky wheel" or to ask for coaching help. We all need it! I am doing some coaching in the hopes to be a much better leader to you! I would be happy to work with you and your mentor to develop a plan to help you succeed!! Let's ROCK out 2015!! SOAR is this weekend and I will be in Nashville. We have a Director's retreat on Friday and then the main event on Saturday. I'll miss seeing everyone in Philadelphia (which, by the way has about 400 people attending..the MOST at any broadcast location!!!) but will wave to you if the camera gets on me!! I'm trying to develop a consistent schedule for meetings so we all can plan. For those who know me, I am not the most consistent person....I also am NOT a planner or scheduler. These are areas I need to focus on. So, I am thinking Tuesday nights would be the best night. Here is what I am proposing:

1st. Tuesday- Previous month wrap up call

2nd Tuesday- in person meeting at my house-change of topices

3rd Tuesday- opportunity call. Everyone can invite their potential designers on the call to learn about the business

4th Tuesday- Leadership call

Our fabulous Executive Director and Direct to Corporate Heidi Russel has calls every Thursday night, ranging in topics from New Designer back office training to leadership calls! I HIGHLY suggest participating in these calls!!

I hope everyone had a restful Holiday season and is ready for 2015!!


Congrats to those who were the top in Sales in Decemmber

  1. Lisa Tucci with PV of $2720
  2. Sue Durham with PV of $1953
  3. Charla Palmer with PV of $1707
  4. Samantha Mack with PV of $1525
  5. Brenda Mauldin with PV of $1305
  6. Angela Berger with PV of $1167
  7. Julia Tudor with PV of $1155
  8. Theresa Ballard with PV of $1093
  9. Sue Cook with PV of $1001
  10. Rebecca Kerr with PV of $990


"Hello" video

Need something cool to play on your iPad during vendor events? How about this cool little movie that invites people to say "Hello" to Origami Owl!

National Convention

I know it seems like a far way off, but July will be here before we know it . This year our Convention will move to CHICAGO!!! I am really excited about it especially since my oldest will be an official Owlette and I will be bringing her along. Look for more info on Convention soon!!