Roald Dahl

By Parker Corley

Early life

Roald Dahl was born September 13, 1916 in Wales. He was born to Norweigan parents. After his younger sister was born they moved to Radyr. Dahls dad and older sister died in the 1920's and he starts school. Once Dahl finished school he adventured in Africa right before the start of World War 2. In the 1940's Dahl became a pilot and returns to Britian, before getting posted to Washington where he completes his first piece of paid writing. In the 1950s he meets his future wife, Patrica Neal, and his writing career takes off.

Later life

In the 1960's his short stories started to get really popular and he had Way out run for 14 episodes on ABC. In 1962 Dahls eldest daughter and wife die. Dahls works starting getting turned into films in the 70's. Finally in the 80's most of his famous children stories start to come out before he dies in 1990.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

One book I enjoy

Fantastic Mr. Fox is about a family of foxes living underground, Mr. Fox raids the human farm next door to get food. This doesn't go over well with the humans. They hire a digging company to excavate out the foxes. Will Mr. Fox and his family get out alive? This book is really good and interesting, and also has a great movie to watch with it.