Cyber Bullying

How to prevent cyber bullying on the internet.

What is cyber bullying?

Many people are bullied, even on the internet. Cyber bullying, or bullying on the internet, is still a big issue though it’s not physical. There are ways you can prevent it though.


~If someone is bullying you online ignore them. They’ll most likely stop if you don’t give them satisfaction.

~If the bullying gets too severe block them on the website and tell an adult.

~If you are cyber bullying someone, stop. You don’t know how much it can effect somebody.

~Don’t “friend” people on websites when you don’t know them, or they’re rude to you.

~Don’t put a lot of personal information online.

~If people do not believe you save the evidence by taking a screen shot of the bullying.

~Make sure others are aware of how to deal with, stop, and prevent cyber bullying.

Stop cyber bullying!