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Community Edition vol. 2

Our library has books on Kindle! How do I get one?

Our library has 30 Kindle e-readers available for sign out by students. To check one out, Students need to get a Kindle user contract signed by a parent or guardian which can be obtained in the library. The e-readers have been used in the past to help students get access to Honors books, to facilitate research for Senior projects and as way for eager readers to get their hands on the latest best sellers. Read on my friends!

Click the link below for a list of the kindle titles we currently have in our library catalog.

New Book Suggestions

Click here to let me know what you'd like to see on our shelves.

The Book Fair is coming!

With much thanks to Rachel Henry and Laurel Richman, the IACA Book Fair is happening in the library from Nov 9th - Nov 13th. See the infographic below to find out when your advisory is scheduled to come. High Schoolers are welcome to visit the Book Fair during Long Pass and Lunch.
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Thank you for encouraging your students to return their overdue library books.

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