St Bernadette's Primary School

NEWSLETTER | TERM 3 | WEEK 6 | 26 August 2022

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Message from Geordie

Good afternoon everyone,

After a fantastic week of fun, sunshine and learning, I hope you all have the opportunity to relax over the weekend! A huge congratulations to our Year 3’s for entertaining us this morning – it was a lot of fun, high energy, great music and awesome dance moves!

Can I also say a huge thanks to all the families who contributed to the Climate Survey. We had over 80 families participate which will help us to plan and make decisions in the future.

Congratulations to the Hall family who won the family dinner voucher.

Have a great weekend

Geordie Thuijs

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Father's Day Photo

Just a quick reminder to please send a photo of our your Bernie's Dad with his children to admin. Please send just one photo, when we get multiples from each family it is alot to get through!
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Merit Awards Assembly 2 September 2022

The following children will be receiving their Merit Certificates at next week's assembly.

Parents and other family members are more than welcome to attend the assembly. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Updating your contact details

We have had a few instances where the family contact details are outdated. Please ensure that if anything has changed (phone numbers, email and home addresses) you confirm these with Tracey and Katherine in the office.
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Music Tuition is back at Bernie's!!

We will be offering instrumental tuition, after school in drums, guitar, keyboard and violin starting in Term 4. There is an enrolment link for parents to sign up in the letter below.

If you have any queries please contact Keyed Up Music as they will be dealing directly with parents with regards to information and payments.

Bernie's Coding Club

Bernie's coding club is up and running and the children are having a blast! This activity is open to Years 4 - 6 and is held in the Library every Wednesday lunchtime.
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Year 2 Mass: Though the Eyes of our children

Abbigail F.

We went to church and learned about Jesus and how God created everything.

Charlotte T

Jesus sacrificed himself for us because he loves us.

Taj T.

We can turn to Jesus and try to be good like him.

Jesse S. and Aidan P.

We go church to learn from Fr G about Jesus and how to be loving like him.

Lola C.

In church we learn to follow in Jesus footsteps.

Rose M.

We show respect to God and learn about Jesus.

Micah V.

Church is a sacred place.

Orla R.

I like being at church because we get to learn about Jesus.

Georgia F.

We should love God because he loved us first.

Piper L.

God changes peoples heart and they turn away from being bad.

Kora P.

We should always love God by showing other people respect.

A reminder about Father's Day Breakfast next Friday

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Covid Reporting & Absentees

A gentle reminder to please use the Self Reporting portal to register if your child is positive. It is important that we continue to monitor numbers across the school and also to provide home learning to those that are at home. Please use the link:

If your child is away from school for any other reason, please use the online absentee form on our website.

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Things to look out for next week

  • Running Club - 3.15 - 4.00pm - Monday 29 August
  • Book Fair Wednesday 31 August - 5 September
  • Kindy Father's Day Celebration - Thursday 1 September : 8.40am - 9.25am
  • Kindy Father's Day Stall - Thursday 1 September
  • PP- Yr 6 Father's Day Breakfast - Friday 2 September : 7.30am
  • Assembly - Friday 2 September
  • Father's Day Stall - Friday 2 September
  • Indonesian Day - Friday 2 September
  • Ricky Grace Basketball - Friday 26 August : 3.15 - 4.15pm
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Secret Harbour Surf Lifesaving Registrations are open for the Summer Season

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Live Calendar 2022

School Term Dates 2022

Term 3 Tuesday 19/07/2022 - Friday 23/9/2022

Term 4 Monday 10/10/2022 - Friday 09/12/2022

Parent Handbook 2022

Pupil Free Dates 2022

Monday 7/11/2022