Beyond Repair

By:Lois Peterson


I would recommend this book if you really like mystery books and horror books because it has both of those thing in the book Beyond Repair. I would also recommend this book because it is really good and interesting to read.

Opinion from this book

I thought this book was really good because it was the kind of books that I like. I also liked it because it was very interesting when the chapters where ending, I was like noooooo what is going to happen next? So I read the next chapter to find out when happen and what i predicted was what happened in the next chapter.

Characters,Setting,and Plot


  • Cameron
  • Leah
  • Bryan Klausen
  • Dj
  • Mom (It does not tell her name)
  • Dad (he was killed by a man)


  • The setting of the story is in winter and in school a little bit


Beginning- In the beginning of he book a guy in a yellow jacket was outside shoveling Cam's moms house. So they got really freaked out about that. So Cam's mom when out side to see who was shoveling their drive way, and hen she went outside she noticed it was the man who killed their father. Middle- In the middle of the story Cam's family tried to go out and look for the man. End- In the end they found the guy and talked to him on why he killed his father.