Type Metal Alloy

used for printing

What is the alloy made of?

There are five different types of type metal, and they are; slug casting alloy, eutectic alloy, stereotype alloy, monotype alloy, and foundry type alloy. Each alloy is made up of tin, antimony, and lead, but in different percentages. slug casting alloy is 3% tin, 11% antimony and 86% lead. eutectic alloy has 4% tin, 12% antimony, and 84% lead. stereotype alloy is made of 7% tin, 15% antimony, and 78% lead. the alloy monotype consists of 10% tin, 16% antimony, and 74% lead. the final type metal foundry is made of 18% tin, 28% antimony, and 54% lead.

How was type metal discovered

A man named Johanne Gutenberg discovered the type metal in the 1450s and he used a combination of 5 parts of lead, 4 parts of antimony and 1 part tin. he made this combination because all the other combinations he made were either to hard or to soft.

The three materials used in type metal

How is type metal manufactured?

Type metal consists of three materials, they are; tin, antimony, and lead. These metals are formed together to create type metal, by melting down all the materials. Then pouring the mixture into a cast that forms a letter. The letter is then put into a type writer.

Price of type metal

Type metal is found in type writers, and typewriters cost from $10.00 to $200.00

Physical and chemical properties






-can rust

-can tarnish

-reacts with acid

What is this alloy used for?

Type metal was created to be used in type writers, during the 1450s. The first material used for typewriters was wood, but it was to soft when it absorbed the ink.