The safe way to handle a cat

Safety restraints

If you have a assistant:

  • Drop a blanket or towel over cat
  • Scoop up the cat so the blanket covers entire cat
  • Expose only the injured area keeping the rest of the cat covered
  • Have your assistant administer first aid if cat is still very aggressive transport still covered in the blanket to the vet
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If you are alone:

  • Drop a blanket or towel over cat
  • Scoop up the cat so the towel or blanket encompasses injured cat
  • Tie the ends of the towel or blanket together with a cord to form a bag or place the cat in a closed box
  • Do not attempt to treat the cats injury transport cat to veterinarian

How To Hold Your Cat

1. Determing if Cat Wants to be Held

  • Look at your cats tail, if moving back and forth quickly they may be agitated and you should not pick it up.
  • Look at your cats ears, ears facing forward means cat is content and playful, if cats ears face backward cat is feeling agitated.
  • When ears are flat against head the cat is defensive and scared.
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2. Know Where to Put your Hands When Holding the Cat

  • Crouch down to the cats level, place one hand under the cat flat against the ribs and behind its front legs.
  • With free hand support the cats bottom area with hand behind back paws.
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3. Lift your Cat

  • When hands are in correct position lift your cat up until you are you are standing straight up and your hand and forearm should make a platform to support the cat.

4. Holding your Cat and Putting it Down

Support cat while holding:
  • Lay your arm against your torso so it makes a platform. (It is ideal to make sure that the cats back paws are supported.)
  • When the cat is comfortable you try to hold it in different ways depending upon what your cat likes.
Pet your Cat:
  • When you hold your cat along your arm use your fee hand to pet the cat so that it is more comfortable and soothed.
Putting the Cat Down:
  • When you are done holding the cat bend down so that the cat paws are close to the ground and then release your hands gently.
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