World History Weekly

Industrialization! The transformation into the modern world.

Learn something new to engage your student...

In the last newsletter Industrialization and the ideas behind it had been introduced and some resources were shared for you to learn more about it yourself. Throughout the last week we have covered some of the major causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution while now we are getting into some more detail on specific labor practices and environmental effects. Students will be reading some primary source documents and responding to the prompt: Were textile factories unhealthy for their workers? Students will be completing a worksheet, that will be turned in as a grade, as well as receiving a grade for completing a paragraph on this assignment.

Engage your students at home with the following:

  • What was one major cause of the Industrial Revolution?
  • Why did it start in Europe and Britain?
  • What was the state of child laborers during this time?
  • What types of inventions came out of this time period?

Importance of Reading

It is no secret that reading is a crucial skill for the success of all of our students. Based on my own personal experience, and research, the best way to start a good reading habit is within the home. Demonstrate this by showing that you value knowledge and learning and continuing or starting a new reading habit. Try setting a goal of reading at least 1-2 books per month. Having trouble getting started? The Public Library has tons of great books available, some of which you can get straight from your Kindle or E-Reader, while websites such as Goodreads give personalized recommendations based on your personal tastes. Whether fiction, or non fiction, any reading is better than none at all. Any encouragement to get your student reading can start with you and can help develop a lifelong habit.