tobacco kills you

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2 mental health

yellow teeth

stained fingers

don't smoke

Try not to smoke too many cigarettes because, it can kill you. There are at least 1,000 chemicals in 1 cigarette. The more cigarettes you smoke, the shorter your life will get. The less cigarettes you smoke, than not much of the life time you have left will be taken away. About 1,000 people die each year because all of the cigarettes that they smoked. Tobacco is the main killer on earth. Cigarettes can cause many people to have cancers such as lung cancer. Tobacco is what the main killer on earth that kills hundreds of people each year. HINT: to stop these deaths, destroy any tobacco plant that you find.

what it can give do you

1. lung cancer

2. gum disease/cancer

3. yellow teeth

4. heart disease/cancer

2 physical concequences

lose your friends

bad breath