KGM Charter School

We aim to educate, empower, respect, and engage all students

Core Value Statements

School - Teacher and students will work together to provide a nurturing environment for all students to learn.

Teaching - Classroom instruction and teacher role models will promote the culture of the school by empowering students to reach excellent standards of achievement.

Students - The school will give all students the opportunity to learn and reach their full potential.

Student Profile

Intellectual Abilities - Students will possess the ability to think critically, solve problems, respond quickly and effectively and manage their time.

Academic Skills - By graduation students will be college ready, have mastered core subject and at least one foreign language and will be advanced users of the latest technology.

Social Skills - Students will be able to work collaboratively, manage a team, behave responsibly and recognize the work of others.

Emotional Skills - Students will develop their self-confidence, learn to accept constructive criticism and how to build trust in those around them.

Physical Skills - Students will understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through education on good food choices and appropriate daily exercise.

Mission Statement

KGM Charter School is committed to preparing students for Universities or Trade Schools through the development of academic abilities, social skills and cultural awareness. Positive role models and innovative instructional strategies are at the heart of our school.

Instructional Envision Statements

We believe that:

  1. real and meaningful experiences are critical to student success.
  2. using reinforcement theory is effective.
  3. implementing a cooperative learning model is essential.
  4. teachers should be facilitators of learning.
  5. curriculum should be built around blended learning.
  6. technology has a role in every lesson.
  7. teachers are lifelong learners and professional development is a daily activity.
  8. learning by doing increases student engagement.
  9. students must continue learning outside the classroom.
  10. the classroom environment must be welcoming and safe.

English Language Arts Envision Statement

We believe that:

  1. the need to think independently and analytically is crucial to aid them in strengthening their skills of self-expression, both written and oral.
  2. it is important to assist students in building an understanding of the history and structure of the English language.
  3. writing for real audiences and publish for the class or wider communities of readers is important.

  4. readers draw on their prior experience, their interactions with other readers and writers, their knowledge of language, and their understanding of textual and literary features.
  5. the use of technological and information resources (e.g., libraries, databases, computer networks, video) to gather and synthesize information and to create and communicate knowledge is significant to the students success.
  6. writing should extend throughout the curriculum of different subjects.
  7. teacher evaluation should be constructive and efficient to provide writers with a safe environment to take risks.
  8. students should read for a variety of purpose: personal, pleasure, informational, literary analysis
  9. teachers should model reading strategies with texts, think-alouds, writing to learn, and opportunities for cooperative learning.
  10. students should have the opportunity to read from a wide range of print and non-print sources to build an understanding of texts.

Instructional Model/Paradigm

Cooperative Learning will be used to foster relationships among students. This type of instructional model helps students learn to respect the opinions of others and accept constructive criticism.

Motivational Theory will be used to motivate students and increase morale, satisfaction, efficiency and productivity. This type of instructional model helps create a positive feeling tone, meaning, and involvement.

Reinforcement Theory This type of instructional model positively reinforces a behavior and strengthens productive behavior.

Staff Development Model - 5 year

The majority of our staff development will be on demand from teachers. We will have a recordings studio in house ($20,000) that will allow us to record our own videos on how to use things like gradebook, Google Drive, CScope, Bullying, Discipline Management, Employee Benefits, Campus Policies and Procedures and other basic teacher needs. This will allow us to have 3 face to face district wide training that will cover the following:

Day 1 - School Orientation (A.M) and Motivational Speaker (P.M)

Day 2 - Break out sessions that teachers can sign up for with the following topics: Reinforcement Theory, 24th century teaching practices, Cooperative Learning, PBL, etc.

Day 3 - Unconference - Teachers will come to the training location and the first hour will

consist of coffee and sign-up. Teachers will be the ones presenting on any topic they feel knowledgeable about. Once they add their name to present a training session other teachers and support staff can sign up for the sessions that interest them.

At the end of the five years all teachers will have attended our WOW academy and will have the necessary tools in their classroom to implement the instructional measures that go with Project Based Learning. We will outsource the WOW training and teachers will attend 4 days of training to become certified WOW instructors. At the heart of our 5 year staff development plan is empowering teachers to be the drivers of their own professional development.

Five Year Goals

a.) Instruction - We will implement the school’s instructional model.

b.) Curriculum - We will create an exemplary:

  • science program by enhancing student learning with collaborative group work.
  • technology program by providing students with 21st century skills and knowledge to be successful in the classroom and in the workforce.
  • social studies program by making concepts real by involving active participation in the classroom and the community.
  • math program by helping all students understand concepts and use them powerfully.
  • ELA program by building on prior knowledge, concepts and skills in order to challenge and support student learning.
  • fine arts program by implement the understanding of the value of fine art and capture creativity and originality in all students.
  • physical education/health program by teaching students to be physically active, make good nutrition choices and master skills necessary for various sports and activities
  • vocational program by providing hands on opportunities for students to engage with community businesses.
  • foreign language/ESL program by implementing culturally based strategies for students to learn.
  • special education program by providing any accommodations, modifications, and any other service needed to ensure students with disabilities have the opportunity to succeed in school.

c.) Program - Student Council, Drama Club, Counselor, Special Education

Five Year Goal Long Term

We will create a mathematical program that helps all students understand concepts and use them powerfully.

To accomplish the above goal we will need the following:

Instructional Resources (Capital Outlay/Materials)
  1. Teacher Laptop
  2. Projector
  3. (12-15) Student Laptop Computers or Tablets
  4. CScope
  5. Books
  6. Camtasia for Flipped Classroom

Staff Development
  1. Electronic Gradebook
  2. Online Programs (Study Island, Think Through Math, Accelerated Math)
  3. Interactive Whiteboard Training (SmartBoard)

  1. Highly Qualified Teacher
  2. Aide

  1. Wi Fi access for laptops and tablets
  2. Classroom with tables
  3. No front of the classroom - Mobile smart board
  4. Power outlets to charge laptops or tablets

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