EAT Semester Exam

Tyler Washburn

TAFE/Ed Rising and TRAFLES

Teaching- I go to my site school (Grace Hardeman) and I teach 3rd grade

Recreation- having a christmas party, we all bring gifts for secret santa.

Appreciation of Teachers- I made a teacher appreciation gift

Fundraising- I sold cookie dough for TAFE.


Education Awareness- I sat and listened to multiple college campuses coming to tell us about the tuition and the classes we can take, and how to stand out on your application.

Service Projects-Nothing

Field Site Reflection

Tyler Washburn's Portfolio

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My Future as a Teacher

I'm happy to be able to teach third grade, It is helping me get a head start on my career. Because when i get older i'm going to teach third grade.

My plans for college are moving swell. I am going to TCC for 2 years and then transferring to Texas Wesleyan. I will then get my bachelors and then teach.