My Journey: Future Career

A PLAN for today. A VISION for the future.

In the beginning...

I started PFLSS thinking that I wanted to be a physical therapist or a veterinarian. I never thought there would be so many steps to getting a job and being successful in my career. I thought that I wanted to go to Princeton University, just because it was a good school. This almost all CHANGED!
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My S.W.O.T. Analysis

I began PFLSS creating a S.W.O.T. chart, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This helped me see what I am good at and what skills I possess, that can help me figure out my career for the future. The strengths section helped me figure out what I love, so below are some key parts to helping me find out my career.

High School

Leanne Kelly

Sunday, June 7th 201 at 1pm to Friday, June 23rd 2017 at 3pm

281 Elton Adelphia Road

Freehold, NJ

From 8:15-3:00 on weekdays I am planning on attending Freehold Township High School (FTHS). I would stay all 4 years and take honors classes to help me learn more, but not do any specific programs. I would play soccer for them and join many clubs, including the vet club, where you can do things with dogs.


Cornell or Harvard

I would like to go to Cornell University or Harvard University, depending on if I get in. Cornell would be a great school for me because it is in a great location, not too far away, and it is the best vet school in America. On the other hand, Harvard would be great too because it is a top school and most people that go there major in medical and science fields (and engineering).


Years: 4 or more

Education: undergraduate school (4 years), DVM or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

License: Yes, a vet license is needed for the practice

Salary: $98,230 average.

Salary range: $83,000-115,000

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Where I would stay in college

For my first 3 years I would stay in the dorm rooms (on campus housing). For my 4th year I would probably rent an apartment with my friends, just like my mom did.

After college


I would continue to pursue the career of being a vet and go to additional vet school, which is required. After vet school I would take the vet test to get my license.


Eventually, I would get a job working as a full time vet. I would make my on schedule (a perk), and be working at Banfield Pet hospital in Edison, NJ.
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#3: House

I would own a house because I would not have to keep up on rent. It would not be in the city. The house would not be a mansion, but a good size. I would also like to own pets, which is a reason to get a house.



When I look back to PFLSS this year, I can only think of how if helped me figure out my career. Now, I don't want to be a physical therapist, but a vet. I know how to apply for a job and be successful. Education is the key.
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